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"The Point" is written by BMP Editor Kelly Barner as well as a diverse group of guest contributors.

Recommended Procurement Webinars Feb 4-8: Engaging the Business for Digital Transformation and Cloud Solutions Beyond the Bolt

As we start the month of February, events about 2019 planning are starting to give way to events with broader themes: specifically digital transformation and AI. In fact, 2019 may just be the year of ‘More of What We Saw in 2018’. I’ll continue looking for a new topic, but until then: transformation and automation it is!

If you are planning further in advance, I recommend an upcoming event from Philip Ideson at Art of Procurement: AOP Live. It is all about getting participants to engage with subject matter experts rather than zoning out or dozing off during an overly scripted slide-driven webinar. In February, AOP Live will feature Sammeli Sammalkorpi (Sievo) in a discussion about Establishing Your Procurement AI Game Plan.

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Webinar Notes: Procurement Technology Bill of Rights: Security and Freedom in B2B Data Management

This week’s webinar notes are from a January 14th webinar presented by Spend Matters’ Pierre Mitchell and KPMG’s Mani Mangalathumadam and sponsored by Hubwoo. The event can be viewed on demand here.

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Software As A Service: Been to the Cloud?

I was in a presentation last week and they were talking about the advantages of their offering since it was "in the cloud". That is another way of saying Software as a Service (SaaS). It sounded amazing. All upgrades happen at once, there is not version control issues, you are part of a large family of organizations and so on. The virtues kept going such as the price is more reasonable and very little involvement is needed from your IT organization.  

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Webinar Notes: Gartner's Cloud & Saas Webinar

The following notes were taken by BMP during a recent Gartner webinar.  The speaker was Daryl Plummer, Managing VP & Gartner Fellow, and in our opinion he did an excellent job making a topic that may seem intimidating quite accessible. To listen to an archived recording of the webinar, CLICK HERE.

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