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(9/30/2015) Still crazy (for webinars) after all these years...

webinar2Buyers Meeting Point has been listing, recommending, and covering procurement and supply chain webinars for 6 years - if there were an award for most webinars attended, we’d be a shoo-in. You can read our notes from almost 200 of them here. During that time we’ve made an effort to objectively list and honestly recommend the events that we think are the best each week. We’ve also shared our notes and thoughts on the ones we attended.


Hopefully you’ve taken the opportunity to attend an interesting event based on our coverage - one that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about.


Based on that experience, and our continued love of webinars after all these years, we were recently presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Webinara, a brand new platform for promoting and improving webinars of all kinds. The higher the demand for webinars, the more will be offered. And this is definitely a case of more being more.


The procurement and supply chain community is very active in our use of webinars as a professional development channel already. We could probably fill Webinara’s calendar each week on our own. This cross pollination with professionals in other disciplines will help get the word out about procurement’s objectives and priorities.


You might have noticed that Webinara has already started sharing our weekly recommendations on social media and listing them on their calendar. In the interests of remaining objective, Buyers Meeting Point will only list the three or four best webinars every week on Webinara. In exchange for that, we’ll be sharing what we’ve learned about running effective webinars - with the names changed to protect the ‘innocent’ of course.


Keep checking our calendar and blog posts for upcoming procurement and supply chain webinars - all of which will hopefully be better attended based on this new collaboration.


If you have any questions about this effort or Webinara, you can contact us at any time. And if you happen to be a webinar host, sponsor, or presenter and want to see what they have to offer, you can use the offer code 3DI9PU to get 5 free webinar listings in addition to the 1 everyone gets when you upgrade your account from the basic free level.

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