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How Well Are Buyer and Seller Values Aligned?

perceptionThe TAS Group and IDD Consult need your help to establish the truth about the gap between buyers and sellers, how they work together to create value and how this can be improved. In their Global Buyer/Selling Value Alignment study – the first study to look at both sides of the story simultaneously – they aim to uncover both perspectives and deliver insights and advice on how to enrich this interaction.

This study has been commissioned by The TAS Group in collaboration with Dr. David McKevitt, Department of Management and Marketing, University College Cork, Ireland.

Click here to invest less than 10 minutes of your time between now and February 29th in this important topic.

All participants will receive a summary analysis and improvement guidelines and on completion of this short survey you will receive immediate access to two valuable ebooks:

"Battling the 57% - Deconstructing the Buyer-Seller Dance"

"Putting the Customer at the Center – Account Planning Strategies to Grow Revenue"


You may also be interested in reading about the intellectual curiosity behind the survey by reading “Procurement - Who are we and are we adding value?” a LinkedIn Pulse post by Ingrid De Doncker.

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