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The Point

Buyers Meeting Point is home to two blogs: The Point is written by BMP's Kelly Barner and a diverse group of guest contributors. MyPurchasingCenter was acquired by BMP in 2020 we now showcase their content archive on BMP.
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A Career in Procurement Takes Twists and Turns

Editor's Note: There are all kinds of surprises waiting to be found in the MyPurchasingCenter archive, and this interview post is one of them. Joanna Martinez, is a good friend of mine and well known in procurement executive circles. When this interview was written in 2015, she aas the Executive Managing Director and CPO at Cushman & Wakefield. Today, she is the Founder of Supply Chain Advisors, LLC, and the author of A Guide to Positive Disruption (read my review here).

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The events schedule seems to be picking back up this week, with 9 events taking place. I’ve also started filling up the November page, which promises to be busy since there is effectively one less week of work in it. Marketing teams are racing to schedule the last few events of the year before it slips away, and we all benefit from that!

“The funny thing about truth is you cannot change it. When something is true, it is true.”

 - Dan Andrew, p. 20

Procurement and supply chain professionals must be aware of and strive to improve their emotional intelligence. It has a key impact in negotiations. Soft skills are becoming more important - even in the digital age. A definition of emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Some would say that emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success.

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