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Wilderness Survival - First time every time

Wilderness Survival - First time every time

Surviving in the wilderness is something many of us will never have to experience. Unless you use it as an analogy in our professions which can sometimes fell like we are lost in the forest.

Today’s eSourcing Wiki-Wednesday topic is Success with Six Sigma.

This Youtube video is a wilderness school instructor that is a certified black belt Six Sigma talking about how to make sure you are prepared and ready for hiking and survival in the wilderness. He breaks it down to the basics and talks about eliminating the "fluff". For example, too much weight in your backpack is not necessary and will impact the outcome for your survival.

All processes have controllable outputs - building a fire, building shelter, finding food, and so on. The process has to be repeatable and positive results 100% of the time. 

When something doesn't work, ask the Five "Why's".

  • You quit the hike because you got cold.
  • Why did you get cold? Because I had the wrong jacket.
  • Why did you have the wrong jacket? Because I was not prepared.
  • And so on.

Once you get to the end of that, you will understand what exactly happened. Then you can understand how to improve it next time.

This is an interesting application of Six Sigma. If it can be applied to hiking in the woods, it sure can be applied in your procurement organization.

What successes have you seen utilizing this methodology? What "fluff" did you find in your backpack? Were the results worth it?


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Saturday, 05 December 2020

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