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You find out who your friends are

You find out who your friends are

There is a country song by Tracy Lawrence, “Find out who Your Friends Are” and it describes that a real friend shows up when things are not going well. They drop everything and come to help with no questions asked.

With all the social media methods to ‘make friends’ it sometimes appears that we have many people in our network. That could be true in the virtual world but that does not mean you have a strong relationship in the real world.

Businesses today are utilizing social media more and more. LinkedIn , Facebook, Twitter, texting and it goes on and on. How does someone survive in this and really know who their ‘friends are’ or who are the loyal customers?

Microsourcing’s blog this week, “3 Major Social Meidia Mistakes and How to Correct Them” can help professionals utilize these tools but also avoid the pitfalls.

  1. Focusing too much on yourself
    1. Isn’t that true in person as well? People who talk about themselves all the time have others ‘tuning out’. Make sure what you share is relevant to your audience and give others an opportunity to participate as well.
  2. Focusing on numbers an popularity rather than relationships
    1. How many connections you have on LinkedIn or friends on Facebook is meaningless without a real relationship to back it up. Make an effort to build true partnerships and relationships in order to build your business.
  3. Using too many hashtags that are not related to your brand
    1. If you are using Twitter correctly, this will enable you to connect on a more meaningful level with the audience that can benefit from your offering. Otherwise, it becomes too much noise.

What does your procurement team do around Social Media? Does it help you to connect with the appropriate suppliers? Do your clients find it helpful to keep them current on the trends in the marketplace?

Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @BuyersMeetPoint.

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Thursday, 22 October 2020

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