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Recommended Webinars Oct 29 – Nov 2: Digital Transformation, Disruptive Innovation, ‘Steady Flow’ Risk Management


As we close the book on October, ProcureCon MRO is taking place in Fort Worth, TX this week on Monday and Tuesday. I’d also like to invite everyone to join me on Wednesday at 11am ET for a webinar I am presenting on a new way to approach talent development: a 3-Part Framework for Procurement Talent Transformation: Vision, Realism, and Accountability.

If you’re planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend "Understanding the Digital Procurement Transformation Journey" from SpendHQ and Bain & Co on November 15th at 2pm ET.

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Digital Transformation in Procurement: Lessons Learned by Early Adopters (Ivalua, The Hackett Group)

October 30th, 11am ET

It is hard to get a procurement transformation underway – as proof I offer up the fact that there is more talk about the need for transformation than there is sharing of results. This webinar bucks that trend. The Hackett Group’s Amy Fong will talk about the lessons early adopters of digital transformation have learned, sparing your organization from making those same mistakes.


Delivering Innovation Through Disruption (SIG, Scout RFP) 

October 30th, 1pm ET

Change never comes easy, and that’s just for the people that have disruption thrust upon them. For leaders looking to set disruptive change in motion, it can seem nearly impossible. In this webinar, my good friend and successful author Joanna Martinez (A Guide to Positive Disruption, 2018) will share tips, tricks and tools on how to roll with the punches of negative upheavals and the knowledge needed to become a positive disruptor. Do not miss this webinar!


Steady Flow: Managing Supplier Risk and Disruption in the Supply Chain (SIG, GEP)

November 1st, 1pm ET

If managing supplier and supply chain risk is primarily an information-driven effort, then it makes sense that we would want to maintain a ‘steady flow’ of insight, integrating the advantages of multiple sources. In this webinar, GEP will talk about multiple risk components and how a digital workplace can help procurement gain greater control over disruption.






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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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