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WEBINAR: Improving Internal Perception of Procurement from Intake to Procure (Art of Procurement, Zip)
Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
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ZIP AOP LIVE smallProcurement is not unique in relying upon the classic ‘people, process, and technology’ framework. Unfortunately, in many cases the investments made in these three areas are not equal or are not made in parallel. This is particularly critical during procurement transformation efforts because decisions made in one area inevitably affect the ROI of the other two. 

Each interaction with procurement’s people, processes, and technology influences how they are regarded by their internal colleagues. This, in turn, determines how successful procurement is able to be and how likely they are to be seen as valuable and worthy of recognition. 

In this AOP Live session, Liem Hua, Michael Denari, and Rujul Zaparde will discuss how procurement can improve the ‘customer experience’ associated with distributed buying. They will answer your live questions about:

  •  The procurement pain points most commonly experienced by the business and how they can be addressed
  •  How technology can empower distributed buyers without endangering procurement’s ability to manage spend and suppliers
  •  Ways procurement can fulfill their corporate mandate without going against corporate culture