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WEBINAR: Procurement's Leadership Moment: Assuring Supply Chain Value and Not Just Chasing Spend (Spend Matters, Brooklyn Vendor Assurance, Sainsbury's)
Wednesday, September 08, 2021, 10:00am - 11:00am
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Hear from industry leading expertsdiscussing real-life customer examples and industry views from Spend Matters Managing Director and Chief Research Officer, Pierre Mitchell and Sainsbury’s Supplier, Commercial & Transformation Leader, Andrew Nagalewski.

The best CPOs and their teams are working with their peers to build resilient supply chains by digitally orchestrating their supplier relationships in a coordinated manner with IT, Finance, Legal, R&D, Risk, Sustainability etc.

To ensure that requirements from the rest of the business and external regulators/NGOs are aligned into a single engagement experience to drive the most value from their diverse third-party partners scattered around the globe.

This is no small task, especially given the complexity of modern operating/digital environments.

Understand how collaborating with IT and innovative digital platforms to build agile operating models that feature service management, active risk/compliance, and commercial/commitment management features that are propagating value requirements across the supply chain and helping to failsafe their fulfillment.

Register today and tune into this exciting webinar where you’ll learn about these major shifts which have only accelerated through COVID.



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