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WEBINAR: Closing the Skills Gap in Your Digital Supply Chain Design (Coupa, Supply Chain Brain, miebach)
Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
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Supply chain digitization is imperative for companies who want to stay competitive in the marketplace. Experts state that 80% of the supply chain costs are locked in within the design of the supply chain, so focusing on that area is paramount to running cost-efficient supply chains.

Leading companies have adopted modeling and simulation technologies, leveraging a digital twin of their respective supply chains, allowing them to unlock benefits that otherwise would have been locked in by design. While adopting new digital supply chain technology results in dramatic efficiencies within operations and logistics, it demands supply chain practitioners have specialized skills - this is where we encounter the skills gap.

One way to address how to overcome the skills gap is in the context of a maturity model. Understanding where your organization lies within the maturing model allows you to enable and augment internal capabilities, thus accelerating the journey.

Join Miebach and Coupa as we discuss the approach, best practices, and technology that enable clients to overcome the skills gap. A special guest from Eaton Corporation will share her experiences with Miebach and Coupa as we worked together to develop their in-house supply chain analytics expertise.

We'll discuss ideas and practical examples for addressing the skills gaps within:

Project Initiation - People, product, process

Skill Development - Hiring, Coaching, Training, Developing, and Shadowing

Maturity - Anchoring the Organization and Developing a Center of Excellence



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