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The purpose-driven function: Procurement’s value proposition for 2030 and beyond (Procurement Leaders & Ivalua)
Wednesday, August 16, 2023, 10:00am - 11:00am
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Having pivoted rapidly to support the business during a series of unprecedented circumstances – the global Covid-19 pandemic, sustained price inflation, shortages, and the effects of several geopolitical crises – the evolution of procurement in recent years has been stunning: teams have delivered more, across a broader range of areas and often with fewer resources.

Yet, despite this, when asked to reflect on the areas in which they have made the greatest impact over the past few years, procurement professionals point overwhelmingly to delivering cost savings and enabling cost avoidance more than any other area.

Now procurement is at an inflection point: Does the function return quietly to the back office? Or do purchasing teams leverage their position to unearth new sources of value in areas such as risk management, innovation and sustainability – where procurement, more than any other function, is uniquely placed to tackle the bulk of the organisation’s environmental and social footprint?

In this webinar, experts from Procurement Leaders and Ivalua will provide insights from the latest community research stream report with a focus into the following areas:

  • Do more with less:  How procurement can optimise decision-making and deliver in numerous areas with limited resources while minimising tradeoffs.
  • From shareholder to community value:  The steps leading-edge CPOs are taking to develop a purposeful value proposition for their functions. 
  • A new era of value:  The blockers procurement chiefs must overcome if they are to deliver across the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.