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Level Setting AI in Finance: How CFOs Can Pilot and Manage the Latest Innovation (Supply Chain Dive, Zip)
Thursday, May 23, 2024, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
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Facing a dearth of talent and an expanding to-do list, finance teams have struggled to manage the “triple squeeze” of rising costs, increasing risk and market volatility. One technology has emerged, promising to resolve all of the CFO’s problems: AI. But with all of this hype, AI-washing has become a common theme in the technology space. How do CFOs and financial leaders weigh the good and bad from potential solutions? 

This webinar will detail the benefits, risks and business case of adopting AI, using the complex processes in procurement and accounting as a guide. It also will offer resources for CFOs to help evaluate the technology, which can have a compelling upside when expectations and reality are properly aligned. Important topics covered include:

  • The current state of affairs financial teams face
  • What AI can currently provide an organization 
  • The pitfalls of AI-washing 
  • What valuable AI tools do, compared to fakes in the market
  • How AI will shift the financial landscape