I’m continuing to add new webinars to the calendar at a blazing fast pace. Over a dozen new events hit this week, quickly filling in what had previously looked like a rather bleak April. I’ve also noticed a shift away from the 2pm ET time slot and towards something that overlaps with a WHF ‘lunchbreak’.

If you are planning your schedule further ahead, I recommend checking out the weekly webinar series from Tealbook. Every Wednesday at 12n ET, they are holding a 30-minute webinar on the supplier data crisis now through May 13th. Each webinar will feature a thought leader like Chris Sawchuck, Walter Charles, or Tim Herrod.

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How to Quarantine Your 3rd Party Relationships (IACCM, Determine)

April 7, 11am ET

IACCM has been more responsive than most industry organizations, quickly adding a number of high-quality virtual events focused on COVID-19 specifically, or risk in general. In this webinar, IACCM’s Paul Branch will be joined by Determine’s Matt Markham and Constantine Limberakis to talk about the risks most likely to “fall between” roles or functions in the enterprise.


Unraveling Our New State of Everything (HfS Research)

April 8, 11am ET

As HfS points out in the description for this event, there is no sense in denying the massive systemic changes and uncertainty we are all faced with right now. They will bring together a panel of experts to discuss everything from market forecasts, IT services, automation, and BPM.



April 9th, 10am ET

In this webinar, the team from JAGGAER (joined by moderator and Art of Procurement Host Philip Ideson) reminds us that while we haven’t faced a pandemic of this scale before, we have faced downturns and lived to tell the tale. Michael Roesch and Amenallah Reghimi will share some of the key learnings from the 2008-9 recession and discuss how we can apply them to the economic conditions we face today.