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March 6-10: GPT-3 Contracts, Benchmarking Supplier Diversity, Economic Outlook


This is another busy week of procurement events: 17 just this week. Whether you are interested in AI, International Women’s Day, or business continuity, there is something for you to check out.

If you are planning your procurement event schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Rethink, Reflect, Reexamine: Strengthening Global Procurement Operating Models’ from Art of Procurement and ProcureAbility on March 29th.

And now for this week’s recommendations… 


Applying artificial intelligence (GPT-3) to contract management (World Commerce & Contracting)

March 7th, 10am ET

I recently wrote an article about the impact of ChatGPT on writing (and writers) that spurred a great discussion on LinkedIn. But how else might generative AI impact our work. This webinar looks at how AI could play a role in contract management, specifically improving contract writing and extracting obligations from current agreements. Join Kingsley Martin, Chief Contract Scientist at Akorda, Sally Guyer, Global CEO at WorldCC, and Paul Branch Executive in Residence at WorldCC, to learn more.


Benchmarking Supplier Diversity to Drive Performance (Art of Procurement,

March 7th, 11am ET

It is easy to support the need for and importance of supplier diversity… but how do you know if you are doing a good job with execution? Since many companies focus incentives on including certified diverse suppliers in the bid process but not necessarily awarding them business, quantitatively measuring the impact of a program – and benchmarking against peers – can serve as a competitive advantage. Philip Ideson from Art of Procurement will welcome Aylin Basom and Lois Eichacker from for a live discussion based on the results of their recent Supplier Diversity Benchmarking report.


Economic Outlook and the Impact on Planning (Workday)

March 8th, 1pm ET

Everyone is concerned about the economy. Layoffs continue, inflation remains high, and each time the Fed makes an announcement about interest rates we all stop to listen. But how effectively are we incorporating that outlook into business planning? Tim Mahedy, Senior Economist from KPMG, will share the firms’ latest macro forecasts and discuss what it means for budgets and plans across sectors.





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