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Recommended Procurement Webinars March 11-15: Beyond Trends, CLM to Stand the Test of Time, and Gig Economy Spend


As we crawl towards spring, there are plenty of webinars taking place, but also some live events happening over the next few weeks. ProcureCon Indirect East is Florida on March 25-27 and Ariba Live is in Austin, Texas April 1-3.

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend a new listing from HfS Research on March 28th at 11am ET: ‘Integrated Automation: Why You’ve Been Doing It All Wrong’. This panel formal webinar will feature speakers from HfS, KPMG, and a ‘mystery’ Chief Data Officer “To be Announced”.

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Beyond Trends: Transformational realities redefining procurement (Zycus, Procurement Insights)

March 12th, 9:30am ET

This webinar will bring together an absolutely stellar group of panelists to discuss the difference between wildfire trends and meaningful realities: David Loseby (FAPM, FCMI, FCIPS Chartered, FRSA, Phil Broughton, Head of Business Programs - The Americas, CIPS, Chris Sawchuk, Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader, The Hackett Group, and Jon Hansen, Procurement Insights. If you know anything about our good friend Jon, you know he will make the most of having access to this diverse and fascinating group of thought leaders. Don’t miss it!


Building a CLM System to Stand the Test of Time (IACCM, Icertis)

March 13th, 11am ET

As I consider the title of this webinar, I am struck by the fact that it goes against the ‘flash in the pan’ trends usually associated with technology. Standing the test of time? But blockchain! AI! Machine learning! Even as we invest in digital technologies, there are still ways to plan for the long term. In this event, we’ll get input on how to achieve that from Simon Anolick, Director of Legal and IP at HERE Technologies and Madhu Khatri, Chief Evangelist at Icertis.


Managing Services Spend within a Gig Economy (Coupa, Forrester)

March 14th, 2pm ET

We can’t deny the power and potential of the gig economy (says a lady who earns her bread in the gig economy), but that doesn’t make things any easier for the procurement and HR teams trying to incorporate freelance workers in their workforce programs. In this event, Andrew Bartels from Forrester will explain how to Source – Procure – Manage gig economy resources for optimal effect.





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