Recommended Webinars March 16-20: Strategic S2P, Key Supply Chain Capabilities, Adapting to Coronavirus


I am still tracking updates to live events throughout the procurement industry and listing them here. It is safe to assume that most March events are not taking place, but we are also starting to see cancellations about April events as well.

If you are planning your webinar schedule further ahead, I recommend “Benchmark Your Digital Innovation Maturity” from Siemens on March 24th. They are a webinar host we haven’t featured before, and the event will focus on recent research into the digital maturity of 150 companies.

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The Next Level of Spend Management: Elevating Procurement's Strategic Impact Through Source to Pay (Scout RFP, workday)

March 17th, 1pm ET

Much of what we know as procurement has gone through a significant change over the last decade. As a result, we have to constantly adjust out thinking and consciously expose ourselves to new ideas and approaches. In this webinar, we will hear how workday, an on‑demand financial management and human capital management solution provider, is reimagining procurement through Scout RFP.


4 Supply Chain Capabilities You Need For The Decade That’s Going To Change The World (Procurious, IBM Sterling)

March 18th, 9am ET

If you read the description for this event, which I added to the calendar WEEKS ago, it is a little creepy how much the hosts seemed to anticipate the changes we are now facing on a global basis due to the coronavirus outbreak. We were expecting change before the coronavirus, and now it is clear that change is going to be seismic and sustained.


Adapting to Coronavirus: Supply Chain Disruption & Resilience (Procurement Leaders)

March 19th, 11am ET

I personally love the fact that Procurement Leaders is already taking a positive, forward looking approach to the challenges presented by the coronavirus. If we allow ourselves to be consumed with hand sanitizer rationing and the fact that all of the schools have been closed, we are going to miss out on a HUGE learning opportunity. Don’t let that happen to you! Respond as you need to, but allow this experience to change you in constructive ways as well.




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