Webinar Recommendations for June 29 – July 3, 2015: Outsourcing Health Checks, Risk Management, and eInvoicing

Webinar Recommendations for June 29 – July 3, 2015: Outsourcing Health Checks, Risk Management, and eInvoicing

This week is shortened for many companies in the US because of the July 4th holiday, but there is plenty going on in the first part of the week. I happen to think the three events taking place on Tuesday are the picks of the week. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and connect to their registration pages.


Outsourcing Health Check and Readiness Assessment: A Proactive Approach to Achieve Full Potential and Uncover New Value (Neo Group)

6/30, 11am EDT

It used to be that when we talked about outsourcing, you could assume that meant offshoring. These days, so much spend is being directed to third parties that we hardly even think of it as outsourcing at all. This event looks clearly at off shored outsourcing spend, and asks three key questions: does your offshore provider achieving the goals you set out, are they creating value beyond just hitting contract KPIs, and are they laying a solid foundation for future growth and improvement?


The Dawn of Risk Management (SIG, IBM)

6/30, 2pm EDT

When it comes to artificial intelligence, or AI, we’ve been talking about robotic process automation (RPA) quite a bit here on BMP. But before software robots for outsourcing, there was Watson, the IBM created cognitive system famous for winning a $1 Million prize on Jeopardy! Well, now Watson seems ready to stop playing games and start getting down to business – trying on a role in procurement. In this event, the IBM team will talk about how they are planning to apply Watson’s big data skills to supply chain risk management.


eInvoicing and Suppliers: Visibility, control & trust (Procurement Leaders, Coupa)

6/30, 2pm EDT

Okay, I’ll be first to admit that eInvoicing isn’t the most exciting topic on the events calendar, but if you think of it as being a key integration point with strategic suppliers, you may realize it isn’t getting the attention in deserves. In a relationship-conscious approach to AP automation, Coupa and Procurement Leaders will discuss getting the supply base on board and accommodating the multiple transaction models that are no doubt at play.


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