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10 Questions to Ask During an S2P Demo (Determine)

Posted on the Determine blog on March 13, 2018

Attending an S2P demo can be a particularly high stress time for a procurement professional. We use this technology more than any other, to the point where its identity is synonymous with our own reputation internally. As a result, making the right choice is extremely important. 

That doesn’t even address the fact that procurement often starts the negotiation process during the demo, working hard to position ourselves as discerning, knowledgeable, functionality power users from the start of the evaluation and comparison process.

Under these conditions, it can be hard to ask questions that uncover the information required to form clear impressions that are relevant for this point in the process. Viewing a demo usually happens early on, so rather than getting into the weeds, procurement should ask some high level questions that provide insight into the technology as a whole and the team they will be working with during the selection process.

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