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Procurement Experts Outlook 2018 (Zycus)

Kelly Barner is featured as one of the 8 thought leaders in a new eBook from Zycus.

Over the years, businesses have changed and so have the roles of the different departments within them. As a result, businesses in 2018 exposed to more complex issues than ever, revolving around cost savings, operational efficiency, and obtaining a competitive edge through available data and human resources.

The procurement function must realign itself with organizational goals and transform into a strategic function that adds value to the organization and is not just a cost-center.

This e-Book presents articles from 8 industry thought leaders and procurement practitioners on the most sought-after question – What should the role of procurement be in 2018?


  • Developing a strategic mindset is essential for procurement teams
  • The shift in procurement skills to drive a high performing team
  • Unraveling the power of spend analytics in procurement
  • Stakeholder alignment for successful procurement savings
  • The new era of real-time procurement
  • Collaborating better with second-tier suppliers

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