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Procurement and the Evasive Theory of Everything (SynerTrade)

Posted on the SynerTrade blog on March 28, 2018

On March 14th, the world lost a genius with the passing of Stephen Hawking. It seems that everyone – from the academic community, to movie buffs, to curious individuals – is memorializing him in their own way.

Perhaps this is why the Theory of Everything (the focus of Hawking’s early career) immediately came to mind when I read Jon Hansen’s recent post on this blog: Why Data (Harmonization) Is The Oil That Drives The New Digital Transformation Engine. Jon wrote about the need for data to be not just centralized, but also harmonized – accurate, but also meaningful. In order to stage a digital transformation, procurement needs data that can be strategically and philosophically aligned with the overarching objectives of the enterprise, but also reliable at the most granular level.

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