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Which came first: The transformation or the talent? (ATSC blog)

This article was published on the ATSC blog on July 30, 2018

“Some executives used to think of procurement as the place you send staff away in order to never see them again.” ~ Carlos Mena, Remko van Hoek, Martin Christopher, Leading Procurement Strategy: Driving Value Through the Supply Chain

In the past, and as the quote opening this post suggests, it was not uncommon for a career in procurement to be an assignment rather than a choice. I didn’t choose a career in procurement, and the same is true of many of my colleagues all the world over. But things have changed.

Procurement has engaged in a multi-year journey to ‘transform’ into bigger, smarter, faster, better version of ourselves. Procurement has received constructive criticism in droves: “You’re too slow.” “You’re too strict.” “You don’t understand what the business needs.” At times it was crushing or infuriating to remain open to this (often unsolicited) feedback. One thing we can’t say, however, is that procurement was paralyzed by it.

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