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WEBINAR: Sustainability through Supplier Collaboration: From green ideal to commercial imperative (Vizibl, ecovadis)
Wednesday, February 03, 2021, 10:00am - 11:00am
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On February 3rd 2021, Vizibl will be hosting a live webinar alongside executives from Heineken, BP, and Colgate Palmolive to discuss the topic that should be top of every enterprise's agenda in 2021: sustainability.

Once regarded as little more than corporate philanthropy, sustainability initiatives have since proved their returns
outweigh their cost; alongside safeguarding our planet and its people, they provide tangible financial advantage
to the businesses that pursue them.

Whether you're concerned about hitting ESG targets, delivering against UN SDG pledges, or pursuing other sustainability programmes, working closely with your supplier ecosystem is essential. Supplier collaboration, however, continues to be under-recognised and under-leveraged. This webinar will explore why it's so challenging to deliver on these goals, how we can work more collaboratively with our suppliers to do so, and what we should use as our measure of success.



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