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WEBINAR: How to Improve Supplier Experience (HICX, Procurious)
Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 04:30am - 05:30am
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March marks almost a year since the world, as we knew it, turned upside down. For procurement, the challenge was immense: suppliers went offline, demand spiked or faded away entirely, and suppliers needed to be contacted quickly and on-boarded remotely. 

So what lessons for supplier management – in particular the management of their data - can be learned from the crisis? And are there benefits for improving SIM beyond risk and compliance?

Join Costas Xyloyiannis - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, HICX as he sits down with Amy Fong - VP Everest Group and Procurious webcast Host, Tania Seary, to talk about the road ahead for SIM and how Compliance & Risk, Finance Management, Master Data, Sustainability, Collaboration & Innovation benefit from supercharged supplier information. 

We'll be discussing: 
•    How did the events of 2020 make having great supplier data even more important?
•    What does “good” supplier information management look like?
•    How can SIM drive sustainability and innovation? 
•    Why is ‘experience management’ the next frontier for procurement? 
•    How does having great supplier information help build supplier experience?