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WEBINAR: Cognitive Procurement: Marrying Human Experience and Machine Learning for Maximum Returns (Zycus)
Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
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Procurement is Meant for More – Procurement Professionals have the capacity and accumulated experience to deliver ever increasing business value and align as strategic advisors to their stakeholders. Cognitive Procurement enables human capital resources to realize their full potential by effectively allying with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to automate routine tasks, amplify insights through data analytics, and assist procurement professionals and end-users in making better business decisions. 

This webinar will help organizations develop a roadmap for embracing the future of Cognitive Procurement by examining:

  • Key opportunities for P2P process automation and efficiency
  • P2P User personas and applications of cognitive technology that optimize user effectiveness and satisfaction
  • How machines can learn from human experience and what they can teach us in return
  • What are the returns – quantifying the ROI of Cognitive Procurement