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WEBINAR: Practical Strategies for Adapting to Demand and Supply Uncertainty (Supply Chain now, tools group)
Thursday, January 13, 2022, 03:00pm - 04:00pm
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Practical Strategies for Adapting to Demand and Supply Uncertainty: A Conversation with Daniel Harms, President of Americas for Optimas and David Barton, General Manager, Americas for ToolsGroup. As the repercussions of COVID are still echoing through supply chains around the world, how can businesses adapt to the new reality of constant uncertainty?

Optimas Solutions, a major parts distributor and manufacturer, has seen both supply and demand reliability turned upside down. In this session, we’ll have a candid discussion with Optimas’ President of Americas, Daniel Harms and ToolsGroup's General Manager, Americas, David Barton, about how Optimas maintains service to customers amid protracted supply constraints. You’ll hear practical advice for how manufacturers and distributors can actually plan for uncertainty and lean on technology to keep performance high despite staffing challenges.