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WEBINAR: Adapt or Die: Your Survival Guide to Modern Warehouse Automation (Supply Chain Now, ShipHawk)
Tuesday, January 18, 2022, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
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If you sell physical products, warehousing and shipping costs can make or break your business. But most companies treat order fulfillment as an afterthought, running toward a future in which they won’t be able to compete with marketplace giants.

Scott Luton with Supply Chain Now will sit down with Jeremy Bodenhamer, CEO of ShipHawk, the leading provider of advanced fulfillment software with expert guidance to help businesses scale. They'll discuss the need to adapt to today’s ever-changing supply chain or face extinction, including case studies in which one wrong move in something as simple as packaging can send a company into the red. But there is a better way. By embracing end-to-end automation, companies can ensure that every item is warehoused effectively and shipped quickly, in the best package, at the best rate that meets customer expectations, restoring critical savings to your bottom line. And you don’t have to be Amazon to do this.