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Business Resilience for Short Term Agility and Long Term Growth (AOP, Coupa, KPMG)
Tuesday, February 28, 2023, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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When it comes to strategic business spend management, a majority of CEOs probably aren’t wrong. According to a recent KPMG US CEO outlook survey*:

  • 91 percent of CEOs think there will be a recession in the next 12 months
  • 78 percent have a digital investment strategy intended to put them ahead of the pack
  • 81 percent see a direct link between their digital strategy and ESG vision

The combined challenges of the global economy and digital competition are very real for most executive leadership teams. While many of the decisions they must make are focused on short term agility and operational resilience, they can’t allow themselves to lose sight of the positioning required to fuel longer term growth.

In this AOP Live session, Art of Procurement’s Philip Ideson will be joined by Yatin Anand, Principal and Procurement Leader at KPMG, and Michael van Keulen (MVK), Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa. They will address how procurement can increase overall business resilience for the sake of short term agility and long term growth.

Yatin and MVK will answer questions about:

  • How CEOs and leadership teams are approaching the challenges and opportunities they face today and the steps they are taking to prepare for the future
  • Ways to have better control over and insight into spend that enable companies to make better decisions across a range of strategic objectives
  • Where ESG targets fit into supply chain programs that are constantly being forced to emphasize risk and cost


*KPMG 2022 U.S. CEO Outlook, KPMG, LLP