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Recommended Webinars September 7-11: AI for Contract Analytics and Chasing Tail Spend


Now that it is September, the fall conference season is upon us. Even though few will have the opportunity to gather in person, we can still make the most of these virtual chances to connect and learn. There are two upcoming virtual conferences I want to call particular attention to:

  • Mastermind LIVE: Art of Procurement’s Digital Procurement Event with a Difference
  • NESCON: The New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “International trade and compliance – what’s new in 2020?” From basware and EBG Network on September 16th at 2pm ET.

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AI-led Contract Analytics - Identify, Manage and Mitigate Risks (IACCM, Ultria)

September 9th, 11am ET

While contract management hasn’t always been the most exciting segment of the procurement platform space, it certainly does seem to have the most use cases among emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and advanced analytics. In this event, Paul Branch, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer at IACCM and Arthur Raguette, EVP at Ultria, will discuss ways to leverage automation so that we can derive more value from contracts, keep them more closely aligned with overall enterprise objectives, and ensure compliance.


Stop Chasing Your Own Tail Spend – Tame It, Today (Spend Matters, GEP)

September 10th, 10am ET

Speaking of ‘bleh’ segments of the procurement domain that may be improved by automation… tail spend! Actually, although it feels like a big, messy, low-value pile of transactions, tail spend is a little like the dark web – we have no idea what risks are lurking in there. This webinar will be moderated by Spend Matters, with GEP Senior Director Prince Kapoor and Associate Director Amol Jagdale presenting best practices in tail spend management “with a keen eye on how to become more resilient in the face of economic and supply chain volatility.”


COST CONTAINMENT - even more important in a post Covid world (NESCON, ProPurchaser)

September 10th, 12n ET

If we thought responding to the coronavirus pandemic was hard, repositioning our companies for what is next will be a whole new level of challenge. In this webinar, Bil Michels, VP of Operations at CIPS Americas, and Rod Sherkin, President of ProPurchaser, come together to provide a look at the post-COVID world of procurement and supply chain and provide you with clear action steps you can take to position your company – and yourself – to succeed.




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