Start for Success

For me, reading a book about entrepreneurship is an odd experience. I did start and run my own business, and now I am a Partner at Art of Procurement… but none of it was on purpose. I typically operat...

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February 6-10: Stopping Shadow Spend, Business Continuity, CPO Agenda for 2023

February is already a busy month, with a mixture of virtual and in-person events. New events are listed every week, so remember to check back and look at what is new! If you are planning your procurem...

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January 30 – February 3: Supply Chain Regulations, Disrupting Old World Ideas, Tech Enabled GBS

As we turn the page to February, we leave annual predictions behind and move into the long haul associated with regulations, compliance, and operating models. There are also several in person events h...

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Chemical Prices Through Pandemic and War

Chemical & Polymer (C&P) prices are volatile due to supply/demand balance and feedstock prices like Crude Oil and Natural Gas, and, most certainly, specific events like the pandemic and geopol...

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January 23-27: Finance Transformation, Tech Spending, Executive Predictions

From famine to feast! December may have been a slow month for industry events, but January has been packed full of new topics, speakers, and perspectives. As procurement works to better align with the...

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January 16-20: 2023 Procurement Trends, Predictions, and Outlook

In this week’s webinars, ‘outlook season’ continues. Everyone has a perspective to share on what they think the coming year will bring. Personally, I find this quite endearing – especially given all o...

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January 9-13: Negotiating Priorities, Inspiring Women, and the Employee Voice

Happy new year and welcome back! After a couple of weeks off, we are back at it – ready for a new year of content, events, and professional development. This week we wrapped up season two of Dial P fo...

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December 12-16: 2023 Predictions, SRM, and Future Proof Shipping

And… just like that… 2022 is coming to an end. We still have a couple of weeks left in the year, but this marks the last week of events and recommendations. Best wishes to everyone for a very merry ho...

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December 5-9: The Supply Chain Buzz, Future of Spend Control, and DEI

What is the current state of the supplier diversity movement? Last week on Dial P, I shared a recent interview with Aylin Basom and Lois Eichacker from They dug into the some of the data ...

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November 28-December 2: Indirect Spend, Modern Slavery, Supply Chain Process Maturity

Some stories fade from the headlines long before they are really over. Example: the baby formula crisis. Although the updates are few and far between, the challenges persist for families trying to fee...

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November 14-18: Procurement Experience, Questions from Finance, CPO Influence, and a Supplier Diversity Dial P Livestream

Although we aren’t (technically) in a recession yet, there has been plenty of news of layoffs. In this week’s episode of the Dial P podcast, I looked at examples across industries for what makes them ...

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November 7-11: Transformation Journeys, Supplier Diversity, and Applied Blockchain

If you’ve worked in procurement for a while, you have probably experienced a sourcing project where there are multiple decision-making stakeholders. These projects are not easy by any stretch of the i...

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Oct 31 – Nov 4: Digital Finance, CPO Compass 2023, and Quiet Quitting

In last week’s episode of the Dial P for Procurement podcast, I took on an upcoming federal court case brought against McDonald’s by Allen Media Group, the Black-owned company that owns The Weather Ch...

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Patent Ownership v. Private Company Incentive

Editor's note: In July of 2022, Wen Xie, a Patent Attorney, joined me for an episode of Dial P for Procurement that considered whether the World Trade Organization's decision to waive COVID-19 patents...

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Oct 24-28: Core Suppliers, Uncertain Times, and SUPERCHARGED Digital Strategy

In the latest episode of the Dial P for Procurement podcast, I covered the proposed European Union Single Market Emergency Instrument. Essentially a series of tools designed to prevent the kinds of di...

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Oct 17-21: Key Priorities, State of Supplier Diversity, Risk and Regulation

In last week’s episode of the Dial P for Procurement podcast, I followed the career of (former) Apple VP of Procurement from its sharp rise – to its spectacular fall. But what is the true reason he wa...

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Oct 10-14: Responsible Sourcing, Agility, and AI Powered Contracts

In last week’s episode of the Dial P for Procurement podcast, I dig beyond the headlines of the recent railway workers’ strike. Although it has been celebrated as “averted,” this issue far from over. ...

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Flow: How the Best Supply Chains Thrive

“Business leaders have only so many days in a year, and every action has a clock attached to it.”  - Flow, p. 30   The central premise of Flow by Dr. Robert Handfield and Tom Linton is that ...

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Oct 3-7: The Buzz, Beer Cans, and Mastermind LIVE 2022

Note to self… if you book a number of live events for the first few days of a new month, you are going to be VERY SURPRISED when you turn the page on the calendar and look at your schedule! I’m all li...

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Sept 26-30: Risk, Risk, and the New Abnormal

Last week was Banned Books Week in the U.S., an annual opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of deciding what we read for ourselves. I see this as a natural extension of the intellectual...

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