June 27-July 1: EU Supply Chain Act, Player-Coaches, Reducing Carbon Emissions

In last week’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, I shared my monthly full-length interview: a feature with Ken Yearwood from McKinsey and Company. We spoke about leading supplier diversity practices ...

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June 20-24: Digital ROI, Sovereign Supply Chains, Reducing Carbon Emissions

If you have been following the nationwide baby formula shortage, you were probably relieved to hear that the Abbott Laboratories factory in Sturgis was back up and running… but not for long. Flooding ...

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June 13-17: Keys to Success, Building Digital Bridges, AI as an Unexpected Ally

In last week’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, I focused on a potential (albeit leaked) proposal that will reportedly come before the World Trade Organization in early July. If it is presented and ...

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June 6-10: Crises, Resilience, and the Data Revolution

After a brief break in the schedule for the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S., we are back with a vengeance! Check out my upcoming event recommendations below – and join me, Greg White, and Gartner’s M...

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May 23-27: Inspiring Women, Savings Pipeline, Must-Have KPIs

This is the busiest week of events we have had yet this year – and quite a few of the events are in-person conferences. ISM’s annual conference is taking place in Orlando, FL… so safe travels if you a...

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May 16-20: Sustainable Contracting, Task Automation, Procurement Nirvana

After much ado, the 2022 Supply Chain and Procurement awards are officially here! Join us on Wednesday from 10am-12n ET for live announcements from the winners, commentary from the host committee, and...

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May 19-13: Tech Enabled Sustainability and Data Driven Value

Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Maryna Trepova, an amazing procurement consultant who fled Kyiv for Portugal – and who is continuing her work even as she worries about friends and family...

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April 25-29: Building Procurement, Connected Planning, CPO Rising

I’m sure you know that Art of Procurement releases a new podcast every Monday, but did you know that this year we also release a podcast each Friday too? Philip Ideson, Helen Mackenzie, and I take tur...

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April 18-22: AI Powered Contracts, ESG Action, Outsourcing Portfolio Management

In last week’s Dial P for Procurement podcast, I shared a really interesting interview with Jeffrey Goldstein. As interesting as Jeffrey is, one of the most interesting things about him is his locatio...

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April 11-15: 3 P2P Implementation Fails, Progressing Despite Disruption, Inflation!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the news and talk about inflation... but don’t totally understand where it comes from or what we can do to manage it? You really need to listen to last week’s Dial ...

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Improving the Buyer Experience While Ensuring Compliance

Procurement teams continue to evolve, especially as the executive leadership team looks to them for value and competitive advantage in addition to cost savings. Although the procurement value proposit...

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March 28 – April 1: The Rise of the Contingent Workforce, Business Continuity, Emerging Technology

We’re involved in the creation of so much content each week that it can be hard to keep up with it all! You have two options… subscribe to the Buyers Meeting Point mailing list HERE or sign up to rece...

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March 21-25: Sourcing for Scope 3, Supplier on Boarding, Escaping the Clutches of the Old Economy

You’ll see below that we’re hosting the first Dial P for Procurement livestream of 2022 this week – but that doesn’t mean Dial P has been on break! We recently kicked off the second season with two ma...

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Addressing One-Off Buyer Behavior Through Automation

One of the reasons procurement has always been a process-driven function is because we are tasked with managing buyer behaviors as much as we are addressing and analyzing spend. Spend is trackable, re...

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February 28 – March 4: Full Cash Flow Visibility and Digitally Enabled Sustainability

In addition to the events listed below, I’ll be live in two different formats this week and I want to invite you to join me: March 2nd at 12n ET: The Real March Madness: Supply Chain Bracket Busters! ...

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February 21-25: Sourcing Lifelines, Streamlined Supply Chains, 3 T’s of the Future

As part of my Supplier Diversity Discussions LinkedIn Creator Accelerator project, I have been running a LinkedIn poll each week. This week I’m looking for input on how our definitions of diversity ma...

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How to Deliver Savings and Drive Business Value, Even When Spending Less

When it comes to negotiating savings, leveraging volume to take advantage of supplier efficiencies and economies of scale to drive down prices based on forecasted demand has always been procurement’s ...

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February 14-18: Top Procurement Challenges, Balancing Profit and Purpose, Negotiating in Inflationary Times

If you like my approach to covering procurement, you may also want to subscribe to my brand-new LinkedIn newsletter: The Procurement Buzz. It comes out weekly and will appear in your LinkedIn news fee...

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RPA and Soft Skills: Why you shouldn't fear being replaced by a robot

It has become increasingly common to hear about technological disruptions. Every day there is a new tool, software, methodology or someone trying to do something different. And this is excellent! Tech...

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February 7-11: Extreme Outsourcing, 2021 Contracting in Review, Where Culture Meets Experience

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been off to an uncertain start this year with webinar recommendations - procurement events have been few and far between. For people going to ‘IRL’ events, the Rever...

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