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Recommended Webinars August 19-30: Ditching Contact Management, 3rd Party Risk, Single Source of Truth, Negotiations with Less Stress


This week we are running a “2 for 1” special with our weekly coverage of procurement industry webinars. The following events take place in the last 2 weeks of August. If you happen to be planning a little further out, I’m going to be onsite at NESCON (the New England Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition) on October 7th – so look for more about that event in the coming weeks. If you’re planning to attend, let me know so we can connect!

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “Virtual Procurement and the C-Level CPO” from Tradeshift’s Roy Anderson on September 10th.

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5 Reasons Companies Are Ditching Their Contract Management System (IACCM, ContractRoom)

August 20th, 11am ET

It used to be that contract management solutions were either fully standalone or loosely tethered to the rest of the source to pay suite. Despite the fact that user expectations have risen and the rest of the procurement platform is better integrated than ever, contract management technology is still a source of frustration. In this panel format webinar, speakers from IACCM Americas, TD Bank, UnitedLex, ContractRoom and Hewlett Packard Enterprise will talk about common contract management frustrations and available solutions.


What’s third-party risk got to do with it? (LexisNexis)

August 22nd, 1pm ET

Third party risk may be a special case for enterprise risk managers, but for procurement it is the type of risk we are most concerned with heading off. Anything risky associated with suppliers and the supply chain qualifies. In this webinar, LexisNexis risk management experts will talk about the importance of due diligence and share real world examples of third party risk.


Less Stress and More Success: Take Control of Supplier Negotiations (ProPurchaser)

August 28th, 1pm ET

I'm the first person to admit that I've never loved negotiating. Sure, I had to do it as a procurement professional, and I do it all the time now as a service provider, but still. It is not exactly fun. In this webinar, ProPurchaser Founder and President Rod Sherkin shares his practical tips for getting the price and terms you want without the headache. 


Creating a ‘Single Source of Truth’ for Your Enterprise Spend (SpendHQ)

August 29th, 2pm ET

We recently featured a guest post on the BMP blog about the role of procurement in M&A activity. If you were going to have one piece of procurement technology to use at such a time, it would have to be spend analysis. Sure, there are huge opportunities for leveraging volume and consolidating contracts when you bring two like organizations together, but finding those opportunities is no small challenge. In this webinar, Anneliese Werner, Director of Procurement at Heartland Dental, and Constantine Limberakis, Director of Marketing at SpendHQ, will discuss how having a ‘single source of truth’ in spend analysis makes it possible for companies to achieve maximum value and efficiency.





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