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Recommended Procurement Webinars July 13-17: Digital Roadtripping, Race in Industry, Post-Pandemic Automation


The events continue to roll in – I added another dozen new events to the calendar this week. In addition to the events listed below, I’ll be making the case that procurement is not the ‘enemy’ when it comes to sourcing projects for IT solutions with MyComplianceOffice.

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend FOUR STEPS TO AUTONOMOUS PROCUREMENT – Setting Yourself Up for Tomorrow's Success Today from ISM and JAGGAER on July 29th at 1pm ET (updated link).

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Embracing the Ecosystem: Building Your Unique Digital Roadmap (AOP, Denali) 

July 14th, 11am ET

If you have Zoom or webinar fatigue, an AOP Live session might be just what you’re looking for. There are no slides, the discussion is fully audience driven, and there is no pressure to be on camera – for you anyway. The guests are live on video answering questions as they come in. This AOP Live session features Denali’s Christopher Eyerman and David Clevenger discussing how procurement can build a unique digital roadmap and why it is so important to our ability to complete the evolutionary process. I’ll see you there!


Stand Up & Sound Off: A Conversation About Race in Industry (Supply Chain Now)

July 15th, 12n ET

Leave it to the team at Supply Chain Now to take on the tough topics – ALL of the tough topics. In this live forum, Co-Hosts Scott Luton and Greg White will speak with a panel of guests about the role that race plays in industry in the U.S. and around the world. Where are we today, and where do we go from here? Featuring Tandreia Bellamy, VP/Industrial Engineering, UPS Global Freight Forwarding, David Burton, Founder/CEO, Diverse Manufacturing & Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA), and Dyci Manns Sfregola, Anaplan Consultant, Akili Inc.


Triple-A All The Way! Your Post-Pandemic Automation Acceleration Plan Must Exploit the Exponential Power Of “And” (HfS Research)

July 16th, 11am ET

If we can say anything positive about the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that we have learned an awful lot – about our risk preparedness, ourselves, and the degree to which we have (or have not) made any progress towards digital transformation. And now that we know, it falls to us to fix the things that need to be fixed and chart a path forward. Join Elena Christopher, Senior Vice President of Research at HFS, Clemmie Malley, Enterprise Automation COE Lead at NEXTEra Energy, Ryad Ali, Head of Digital Innovation at Incyte, and Mariesa Coughanour, Head of Automation Advisory at Cognizant, for what is presented as a “spirited” webinar.




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