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Recommended Webinars July 30 – August 3: Overall Spend Management and a Little Help for Outreach Challenged Suppliers


This week and next are slow in terms of virtual events, maybe because we’re changing the calendar to August on Wednesday? There is a live event though – ProcureCon Contingent Staffing taking place in Minneapolis, MN on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll also be releasing the July ISM-New York Report on Business results and commentary on Thursday, so the week isn’t going to be completely quiet.

If you’re planning a little further out, I recommend “Fundamental Philosophies in Negotiation for Buyer and Seller”, being hosted by SCN Radio, TalentStream, and APICS Atlanta and presented by my good friend Mark Bilgin on August 24th. Sign up now while you’re thinking of it!

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Understanding Your Role in Your Company’s Overall Business Spend Management (Coupa, PayStream Advisors)

July 31, 2pm ET

This is the more conventional of the two webinars taking place this week. Procurement talks about digital transformation all the time, but we’re not alone. Many other parts of the enterprise are looking at automation as well, including Accounts Payable, who’s processes run directly adjacent to our own. In this event, we’ll hear how taking a more holistic approach to visibility, automation, and workflows can open the door wide to improved overall spend management.


Smarter and better visibility to clients (tealbook)

August 1, 1pm ET

Here’s where you’ll need to use your imagination a bit: do you have any suppliers that could use a little help with their communication and outreach skills? The team at tealbook is ready to help. They are presenting this webinar to help suppliers understand how they can send the right information about their offerings to current and perspective clients in an efficient and targeted manner.





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