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Recommended Webinars October 8-12: Ongoing Applied Learning and Cross-functional Contract Management


This week’s webinars present another interesting combinations that are likely to be top of mind for leading procurement professionals. If you’re looking for something really different, I invite you to join #TakeActionOctober – this is an initiative started by my colleague and good friend Phil Ideson (Art of Procurement). Every day he posts a 5 minute podcast that includes a great message and an “action challenge”. I did it all last week, and it really is an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes a day. If you’re interested, it isn’t too late to get caught up. The full list of #TakeAction micro-pods can be accessed here.

If you’re looking to plan your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend 'Integrating Supplier Risk Management into Your Procurement Processes' from SIG and SAPAriba on October 25th. In a rare webinar appearance, we’ll get to hear from Harold Good, Procurement Advisor, Futurist and Influencer for Procurement Pros Group LLC – although you probably know him better as @Hal_Good, Twitter influencer extraordinaire.

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Learn. Forget. Repeat. Stop the Cycle of Forgettable Training by Implementing a Coaching Program for Ongoing Applied Learning (SIG, WNS - Denali)

October 9th, 1pm ET

This topic is exceptionally interesting. We talk about the challenges associated with procurement talent and skills development all the time, but we rarely speak in any detail about how to do anything about them. In this webinar, the team from (WNS) Denali Academy will talk about how to design and execute the right kind of training program and insure that it sticks. Speakers: Lynn Rideout, Marcia Ayacaba and Kerri Beatty


CLM for CXO: Contract Tech working across the silos (IACCM, Elevate Services)

October 11th, 10am ET

While I don’t have much information about this webinar, the bit they have offered up is intriguing. Over the course of their lifespan, contracts will touch more people than most other procurement vehicles. As a result, the ownership and management models need to be different. This session will focus on some tips for when you start to think about putting in a CLM system and who else needs to be involved. Speakers: Craig Conte and Lewis Christian





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