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Recommended Webinars September 14-18: Post-Crisis Procurement, Customer-Driven Digitalization, Food Supply Chains


I’m continuing to add new events to the calendar, both webinars and virtual conferences. While a virtual conference might not typically be your ‘thing,’ keep in mind that most of them are free to attend – meaning that 2020 is actually presenting us with opportunities to ‘attend’ events and hear from speakers that we wouldn’t have access to in a ‘normal’ year!

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “How Procurement Can Build Supply Chain Resilience,” an AOP Live session from Source Day, NetSuite, and Art of Procurement on September 29th at 12n ET.

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2021: Post-Crisis Procurement (Ivalua, AOP) 

September 15th, 11am ET

If you haven’t attended an AOP Live event before, this is a great one to start with. As the General Manager for AOP I play a ‘behind the scenes’ role in bringing these unique events to life. Unlike traditional webinars, there are no slides and the entire line of questioning is driven by the audience. Usually, we receive a few dozen questions in advance and then a bunch more during the live event. In this case, we have already received over 50 questions! Clearly this is a topic that resonates with the procurement community. Join Vishal Patel, Vice President of Product Marketing at Ivalua and Christopher Sawchuk, the leader of The Hackett Group’s global procurement advisory practice, as they field live questions about procurement in 2021.


How Digitization Future Proofs Your Customer Relationships (Tradeshift)

September 15th, 11am ET

The description for this event starts out by questioning why we push such an emphasis on – and make such an investment in – digital transformation. Fair question, especially considering how little real progress has been made. In this webinar, Tradeshift’s Doug Anderson and Kristyn Jarvis will talk about customer expectations regarding digitization. Translation: top line impact.


Future Perspectives: COVID-19 and the Food Supply Chain (Controlant, The Acheson Group, Food Logistics) 

September 16th, 1:30pm ET

We all felt the disruptions in the food supply chain resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, a very personal, close-to-home demonstration of how important well-running supply chains are. In this webinar, Dr. David Acheson, Founder and CEO of The Acheson Group (TAG), and Jeremy Schneider, Business Development Director, Food Safety and Quality Assurance at Controlant, will look back at the last six months and then attempt to look ahead and what may be next and how we can take steps to prepare for it.




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