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Feb 8-12: Emphasizing Opportunity, Agility, and Risk Preparedness


Save the Date: As you think about how to block your time for this week and next, let me put in a plug for Dial P for Procurement, my new livestream hosted by the team at Supply Chain Now. We launched in January and the second episode will be on Tuesday, February 16th from 12-1pm ET. If you’re watching live on LinkedIn you can join the on-air conversation via the chat.

If you are planning your procurement webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “Accelerating and Consolidating Your Cloud Native Future” from HfS Research on February 18th at 11am ET.

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Deloitte & Tradeshift on Procurement: How to shift a burden into opportunity

February 11th, 9am ET

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a pretty hard year – and we’re getting ready to continue forward into the unknown. We wouldn’t have made it this far without our suppliers, and the need for market collaboration and innovation is unlikely to lessen anytime soon. In this webinar, Marcus Kutzner, Partner and Sourcing & Procurement Lead from Deloitte Switzerland, Wouter Pas, Senior Solutions Consultant at Tradeshift, and Andreas Thonig, Regional Sales Director at Tradeshift will look at those challenges with an eye to identifying opportunities procurement can build on going forward.


The Importance of Agility for Better Risk Preparedness (Riskmethods)

February 11th, 10am ET

Understanding what agility is and what it looks like (or what its absence looks like) are much easier than knowing what do to build it into your supply chain. Emphasizing agility is also not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of activity. Since changes never stop coming at us, this work is never done. In this webinar, Carlos Cordon, a Professor of Strategy and Supply Chain Management at IMD International, and Heiko Schwarz, Chief Revenue Officer and Founder at riskmethods, will share best practices for balancing technology and human capability to increase supply chain resilience without sacrificing profitability.




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