Recommended Procurement Webinars Sept 28 – Oct 2: Driving Risk Culture and Building Resilience to Catastrophe


As another month comes to an end, we can expect the schedule of events to pick up. There are 8 webinars and 1 virtual event taking place this week, including our next AOP Live session on Tuesday, featuring Source Day CEO Tom Kieley and Go Kamiyama from NetSuite. Join us if you’d like to ask questions about how procurement can help build supply chain resilience.

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “Negotiate with the Power of AI” from DocuSign and World Commerce & Contracting (the association formerly known as IACCM) on Oct 6th at 11 am ET.

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Driving Risk Culture: An Integrated and Purpose-Built Approach to Effective Third-Party Risk Management (Coupa, OCEG)

September 29th, 12n ET

As we are now all painfully aware, it isn’t possible to anticipate or prepare for all possible disruptions. While detailed plans are helpful (and potentially required) for expected issues, companies need to have risk-awareness in their culture if they are going to respond well to truly unexpected risk events better than the competition. In this event, Michael Rasmussen, Analyst and Pundit at GRC 20/20 Research, and Samuel Mele, VP of Risk Assess at Coupa, will discuss new research and best practices for building your own risk-culture.


How Resilient Organizations Respond to Catastrophes (Harvard Business Review)

September 30th 12n ET

“Post-disaster resilience is an adaptive capacity to grow and develop that does not occur by chance.” - Professor Yvette Mucharraz y Cano. In an article written before the pandemic’s full effect was felt, Professor Mucharraz makes the case that the people who make up an organization ultimately determine how that enterprise will respond to disruption. In a live webinar this week, she will talk about the characteristics of resilient organizations, provide advice as to how each of us can improve our own company’s resilience, and learn how to better address catastrophes while they are underway.




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