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Michael Croasdale is a Senior Project Manager at Source One Management Services, LLC. Recognized as a 2015 ThomasNet 30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Star, Croasdale is a demonstrated creative problem solver – known for leading innovative cost-reduction initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and mid-market organizations. Specializing in MRO and Professional Services, Croasdale leads a team of analysts through a strategic sourcing process that includes data collection and in-depth analysis, baseline development, RFP development, pricing negotiations and implementation. 

Robots, Warehouses, and Fulfillment

According to TechInsider, there are warehouse robots currently in place that could potentially boost productivity up to 800%. Yes, you read that correctly: eight hundred percent. With huge boosts in p...

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Savings from Tesla’s Powerwall? I don’t think so…at least not in the US

The long term plan of Tesla CEO Elon Musk to establish a widespread energy solution might finally be coming to fruition. After the public adoption of his electric cars, the Tesla Model S and Roadster,...

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Industry Spotlight: Increasing Sustainability in Commercial Fishing

 Sustainability is a word you seem to hear everywhere today, as consumers become more conscious of the environment. As you would expect, sustainability plays a significant role in the food supply...

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