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Best Procurement and Supply Chain Webinars 1/25 - 29

Best Procurement and Supply Chain Webinars 1/25 - 29

This week we have three ‘what to expect in 2016’ type webinars plus a bonus one that takes a practical look at contract law and managing risk in the supply chain. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and to connect to their registration pages.





Putting Strategy into Action: A Roadmap for Procurement in 2016 (BravoSolution)

January 27th, 11am EST

In the first of three webinars that calls out goals and predictions for 2016, BravoSolution brings together a great combination of speakers. Sigi Osagie is the author of the book ‘Procurement Mojo.’ Peter Smith is well known as the Managing Director of Spend Matters UK/Europe. The central idea of the event – putting strategy into action – will take Osagie and Smith through 5 common procurement topics and help the audience make the leap from a great idea to successful execution: spend analysis, contracts, talent/technology, sourcing, supplier management.



Supplier Risk Mitigation Through Contracting (NLPA)

January 27th, 11:30am EST

In their first monthly webinar of the year, the Next Level Purchasing Association will bring in guest speaker Ernest Gabbard, JD to speak about the role that contracts and purchase orders can play in mitigating risk in the supply chain. Gabbard will explore the essential elements of a supply contract with respect to risk mitigation and management and outline a practical approach to risk which can be applied in most supply management organizations.


Understanding the Dynamics of Cloud Computing for Procurement in 2016 (Determine, Tradeshift)

January 28th, 11am EST

When we think about cloud computing, we most often focus on the lower cost and increased flexibility it affords us. But as these benefits are realized, organizations are looking for new ways to leverage solutions in the cloud – requiring procurement to have even greater knowledge of how to evaluate and manage the resulting solution provider relationships. In this webinar, Mihir Nanavati, SVP of Products at Tradeshift, and Julien Nadaud, Chief Product Officer of Determine, will give their take on the innovations of cloud computing and the impact it’s having on enterprises today.


Procurement 2016: Big Trends and Predictions (Ardent Partners)

January 28th, 2pm EST

I’ve never been able to pass up a trends and predictions webinar, and this is no exception. From Ardent Partners’ perspective, 2015 was about making progress in the areas of global connectivity, business networks, contingent (external) workforce, and new platforms. Their high level call for 2016 is that we’ll need to keep all of those things (and more, no doubt) moving forward so that we can keep pace with the rest of the business.



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