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February 27 – March 3: Circular Contracting, Agility v. Growth, Measuring Negotiating Performance


As we flip the calendar page to March, there are already quite a few events listed. And remember, if you are hosting a non-promotional webinar or virtual event… we’re glad to list it! Contact us to send it in. 

If you are planning your procurement event schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Benchmarking Supplier Diversity to Drive Performance’ from Art of Procurement and on March 7th.

And now for this week’s recommendations… 


Contracting in the Circular Economy (World Commerce & Contracting) 

February 28th, 10am ET

The circular economy recognizes that all products and materials will have some kind of end to their useful life. If this moment is anticipated, and the waste impact is mitigated, back in the original design and production phase, that’s when you’ve created a circular benefit. Join Dr. Mazen Al-Sinan and Tim Cummins as they discuss the role of contracts in enabling this approach to increasing sustainability and minimizing product waste.


Business Resilience for Short Term Agility and Long Term Growth (AOP, Coupa, KPMG)

February 28th, 11am ET

I don’t know what your to do list looks like, but mine is always a combination of short term (just do it now!) and longer term (I’ll do it later) tasks. The only problem with this approach is that there will always be short term tasks to distract me from longer term efforts that need to get underway. In this AOP Live session, Philip Ideson will moderate a live Q&A with Yatin Anand, Principal and Procurement Leader at KPMG, and Michael van Keulen (MVK), Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa, about strategies and techniques for achieving balance between short and long term, agility and growth.


Negotiating Performance Measurement– Solved! (Propurchaser)

February 28th, 1pm ET

Are you a good negotiator? Whether you answered yes or no, it feels fair to ask a follow up question: How can you be so sure? In this webinar, Rod Sherkin will explain how you can measure negotiating performance – whether just for you or for your whole team – and then track your impact on competitive advantage.





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