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Jan 18-20: Top Finance Issues, Supplier Management Trends, Spend Category Outlook


Hello everyone – long time no speak! There have been very few events since mid-December, so I’m only now getting the weekly procurement event recommendations up and running. If you look at the calendar, I promise what you are seeing is not a mistake – there are really 8 events taking place on Thursday the 21st! I added nearly all of them late last week, so it would seem that everyone is on roughly the same timeline to start the year (and just didn’t know it).

If you are planning your procurement webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “Using lessons learned from supply chain disruption to fuel resilience and agility” from Keelvar and Procurement Leaders on January 26th at 11am ET.

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How to Effectively Manage 2021's Top Financial Issues (Coupa)

January 19th, 1:30pm ET

We’ve all been wishing for the end of 2020 for so long that it might take us a while to realize that the challenges aren’t over yet. Not only will there be new roadbumps in 2021, but we will be paying for last year’s disruption for a long time. For precisely that reason, everyone in the company needs to understand the landscape from a financial perspective. In this webinar, Coupa Chief Accounting Officer Tony Tiscornia will share his top 5 strategies to effectively manage some of the most significant points of concern for financial leaders today.


The Future State of Supplier Management: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities (Kodiak Rating)

January 21st, 9am ET

Suppliers played a key role in how well we and our companies fared in 2020. In some cases, they literally saved us from disaster and in other cases, well, let’s just say they were doing everything they could just to stay in business themselves. Armed with new perspectives on many third-party relationships, it is time to come up with a path forward. Join Kodiak Rating’s Chief Growth Office Sam Janks for a quick introduction to the year and his list of the 11 supplier management trends, challenges, and opportunities he expects to see in 2021.


Spend Category Outlook 2021: Global Trends Impacting Key Direct and Indirect Spend Categories - Part 1 (GEP)

January 21st, 11am ET

Companies are looking to their procurement teams to provide more expense reduction now than ever before – on both the direct and indirect sides of the house. And we have our own reasons for finding ways to do that without tarnishing the collaborative reputation we’ve worked so hard on for the last few years. This webinar, presented by David Doran, Vice President of Consulting at GEP, and Ryan Shadle, Senior Director of Consulting at GEP, is the first part of a two-webinar series, and will focus on HR, IT, marketing, consulting and professional services. (Note: Part 2, focusing on logistics, MRO, capex, energy, utilities, chemicals and more, will be held on February 4th.




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