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Our Recommended Procurement Webinars for October 24-28

Our Recommended Procurement Webinars for October 24-28

In addition to the webinars I’ve recommended below, ProcureCon Pharma is running in Philadelphia from Wednesday through Friday. If you’re going, be sure to stop by and say hello to our friends SAP Ariba, Source One, and tealbook! Click on the title of each webinar below to view the full description and register or visit the BMP events calendar to see what’s on tap for the rest of the month.


BPOs: How to Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition (SIG, Parascript)

October 25th, 11am ET

I’m recommending this webinar for two reasons. The first is that BPO (business process outsourcing) is a rapidly changing field. The increased applicability of automation is changing the cost of outsourcing, our approach to it, and where it happens geographically. The other reason is because many of the categories we traditionally thought of as hired services are really outsourcing. Whatever label you choose to use, it is always a best practice to have the most expansive understanding possible of what results and business impact you should aim for.


A Procurement Leader’s Guide to Enabling Business Agility (Tradeshift, Hackett Group)

October 26th, 2pm ET

Agility is such a great buzz word. It’s fast, flexible, and responsive in real time. In this webinar, Chris Sawchuck will talk about what it really means (attributes of agile enterprises), how it is affecting executive level expectations, and the role of digital networks in fueling the agile enterprise.


Spend Analysis: What is your data telling you and why should you listen? (SIG, SAP Ariba)

October 27th, 11am ET

The final line in the description of this event reads, “Gaining comprehensive visibility is the stepping stone to effective spend management.” Part of this has to do with the rigor that must be applied to spend data (cleansing, categorization) for us to derive value from it. But part of it goes beyond just data to our preconceived notions of the opportunities that lie in our spend and what order we should approach them in. Don’t get caught basing your strategy on instincts rather than facts.


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