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Recommended Procurement Webinars July 20-24: Team Contracting, Insourcing, and Protecting Cash and Revenue


Following is a list of the upcoming webinars that are worth of an hour of your (scarce) time. Some I recommend for the topic, others for the speaker, but all of them will give you something new to think about – and goodness knows, we can all use more good ideas to stand up to the challenges 2020 has handed us.

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, check out “Post COVID-19 Supply Chains: What is Needed to Adapt” on August 19th. I’ll be joining Rod Sherkin, President of ProPurchaser, and the team at Supply Chain Now for this honest but actionable look at what may come next in our global supply chains and what we can do about it.

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Contracting as a Global Team Sport: Making the Business Case Across the Enterprise (IACCM, Icertis)

July 21st, 11am ET

Rather than thinking of contracts as precautionary documentation, why not – as this event’s description suggests – think of them as the ties that bind. And if you don’t have all of your ‘ties’ connected somewhere in the middle of the enterprise, you’re going to be stuck with a disconnected pile of strings. Join Sally Guyer, Chief Executive Officer at IACCM, Ryan Flynn, Principal at Deloitte Consulting, and Bernadette Bulacan, Vice President and Lead Evangelist at Icertis, as they provide insight into how to build a contract-based coalition across the company.


Insourcing: New Motives and Best Practices for Success (Everest Group)

July 23rd, 10am ET

This webinar presents a very interesting idea: if you are looking to lower risk in the face of operational or supply disruption, why not pull responsibilities in from third-party service providers and handle them in-house as part of a shared services or global business services model? Join Everest Group team members Jimit Arora (Partner), Vivek Bhatia (Practice Director), and H Karthik (Partner) as they discuss the benefits and tradeoffs of this approach.


How Napoleon Protects Cash and Revenue (SourceDay)

July 23rd, 12n ET

Join this event for a conversation between Napoleon’s ERP Improvement Manager Louise Mayer and SourceDay CMO Sarah Moore about the steps taken to protect millions of dollars’ worth of cash and revenue through real time supply chain visibility. We will also hear how Napoleon converted their production lines from fireplaces and grills to PPE to address supply shortages in Canada.




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