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Recommended Webinars April 23-27: Transforming Finance, Digital Procurement, Trade Wars and Supply Chains


This is a busy week on the calendar, with 13 webinars taking place. And if you were hoping to make it to an event in the near term, this is the week to do it – next week is back to almost nothing: famine after the feast.

If you like to plan further ahead, I invite you to join me on May 8th for a webinar titled “Managing Your Metrics: Making Sure Your Measurements Deliver the Desired Results” hosted by Supply Chain Radio and TalentStream. Click on the title of each recommended webinar below to view the full description and register.

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Advantages and Challenges of Transforming Finance from a Singular Balance Sheet to a Supply Chain View (Skanor Group, TIS)

April 24th, 9am ET

Fresh off a webinar with Jon Hansen last week, my Finance Unleashed co-author Magnus Lind is speaking again, this time in an event hosted by Treasury Intelligence Solutions. He and TIS SVP of Global Sales and Marketing Operations Giancarlo Laudini will examine what finance needs to do to broaden its influence beyond the balance sheet and into the supply chain, including the implications to roles, innovation, and technology.


How to Apply Intelligent Automation to Procurement Digital Transformation (Rosslyn Data Technologies, Genpact)

April 26th, 11am ET

Digital transformation is now a board level discussion. When it comes up, will your procurement team be ready to actively engage or will you feel forced to hold back? In this webinar, Rosslyn Data Technologies and Genpact will provide an overview of automation software, discuss digital strategy development, and outline use cases to support better cash creation, cash flow, supplier performance, risk mitigation, compliance management, and business efficiencies.


The Procurement Digital Workplace – A New Model for Collaboration, Control and Capability (SIG, GEP)

April 26th, 1pm ET

This is an important topic – one that I am looking forward to hearing Paul Blake’s thoughts on. When we talk about digital transformation in the context of procurement, it tends to refer to either our processes or our technology – maybe both. What we need to focus on is more expansive than that, incorporating people, process, and technology in the larger workplace, ultimately avoiding the place where tasks and process flows become segmented or separated.


Trade Wars & Supply Chains: Measuring and Managing the Impact (S&DCE, Resilinc)

April 26th, 1pm ET

I’m a news junkie, so I registered for this webinar as soon as I came across it. In today’s complex global economic landscape and divisive media environment, I would approach such a webinar warily. That said, I can think of numerous past examples of fair and fascinating coverage by S&DCE Magazine, and I have high hopes that this event will achieve the same standard.






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