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Giving Thanks for 2020 – Yes, Really

Every year, I pause at Thanksgiving and give thanks for all of the people and organizations that I’ve enjoyed and appreciated during the year. Usually, it is a pleasant task of looking back through em...

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Gratitude for Another Year: Thanksgiving 2021

In my opinion, realizing you enjoy Thanksgiving more than Christmas is one of the first real signs you’ve reached adulthood. Thanksgiving has all of the food, family, and tradition without the stress ...

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Recommended Webinars Oct 14-18: Risk, Visual Contracting and the 2020 Digital Procurement Mandate

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends: Stephany Lapierre and the team at Tealbook, Rod Sherkin at the ProPurchaser team, Negotiations Ninja’s Mark Raffan and Procurement Insights' Jon Hansen!

If you are looking for a longer term recommendation, the next AOP Live session has just been scheduled: The Current State of Digital Readiness: Mastering the Supply Chain Data Challenge on October 29th at 11am ET. This 45-Minute Live Q&A with Philip Ideson and Joseph Yacura will interpret and comment on the results of the 3rd annual Data Quality and Governance Study. 

There are also two live events taking place this week, ProcureCon EU in Barcelona, Spain and the 7th Annual Procurement Strategy Summit in Dubai, UAE.

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