Recommended Procurement Webinars September 21-25: The New Reality, Industry 4.0, Efficient Supplier Performance Evaluations


Last week, I ‘worked the switchboard’ for an AOP Live session with Christopher Sawchuk from The Hackett Group and Vishal Patel at Ivalua. EPSNews did a fantastic write up on the event, and they captured the essence of the challenge procurement faces today in their very first sentence: “Disasters have a way of elevating procurement operations to saviors of the day, week or month. But once a crisis has passed, purchasing reverts back to its identity as a corporate cost center.” (Click here to read the rest of the article.)

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “New Market, New Mindset” from the team at Supply Chain Now on September 30th at 2pm ET.

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Leading in Procurement’s New Reality (Coupa, KPMG)

September 22nd, 2pm ET

I’m not a fan of the expression ‘the new normal’ but I agree that we are facing ‘a new reality.’ In this webinar, Dipan Karumsi, Principal at KPMG, Annie McMillan, Managing Director at KPMG, and Michael van Keulen, Chief Procurement Officer at Coupa, will look at how procurement’s leadership needs are changing – now and in the future – and what we should do to position ourselves for success.


Implement the Next Wave of Industry 4.0 (JAGGAER, Elemica, S&DCE)

September 23rd, 1pm ET

If you’re not familiar with the fourth wave of the industrial revolution (known to friends as ‘Industry 4.0’), it is the automation of manufacturing processes including smart technology. This event will give Cindi Perdue Hane, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Solutions at Elemica, and Amenallah Reghimi, VP of Product Management at JAGGAER, an opportunity to discuss how we can prepare our supply chains for Industry 4.0 and create even greater competitive advantage through our strategic supply partners.


7 Ways to save time on Supplier Performance Evaluations (Kodiak Rating)

September 24th, 9am ET

Things have been so crazy for the last six months that I would be willing to bet almost every company and category manager has let one quarterly business review slip through the cracks. While this is understandable, it is also unfortunate, since we need our suppliers to perform now better than under more predictable, forgiving circumstances. Join Samuel Jenks, Chief Growth Officer at Kodiak Rating, and his team as they talk about how to make supplier performance evaluations more efficient AND more effective.




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