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Are Suppliers Faceless Entities?

The term supplier is banded around with such ease, yet has it devalued the relationship and removed the individual, resulting in generic and stale business relationships? The supplier The associated b...

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A Tough Talk: Identifying Dysfunction to Clear the Way for New Ideas

In 2015, MyPurchasingCenter talked to William Moore, Senior Vice President, Sales and Channel Development at SKF USA. Moore sees value in frank discussions between procurement and suppliers, especiall...

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Recommended Procurement Webinars September 21-25: The New Reality, Industry 4.0, Efficient Supplier Performance Evaluations

Last week, I ‘worked the switchboard’ for an AOP Live session with Christopher Sawchuk from The Hackett Group and Vishal Patel at Ivalua. EPSNews did a fantastic write up on the event, and they captur...

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Webinar Notes: Sourcing for Value: Using Non-Price Attributes to Find the Best Suppliers

This week Zycus and Ardent Partners presented ‘Sourcing for Value: Using Non-Price Attributes to Find the Best Suppliers’. Historically, not making an award decision based predominantly on price has been a reason stakeholders give for not wanting to follow the strategic sourcing process. Today, procurement professionals and the technology they use are accustomed to incorporating quantitative and qualitative measures of value into optimization scenarios and award decisions.

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Recommended Procurement Webinars for Jan 31 – Feb 3: Recognizing Supplier Contributions to Value

This week’s webinar schedule is light compared to last week, but it is also something of an unofficial supplier celebration. Both events look at the positive opportunities procurement has at hand if we can strike the right balance of competition and collaboration with the supply base. Click on the title of each webinar below to view the full description and register.

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