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March 15-19: SRM Business Case, Outsourcing Pricing Trends, and Intelligent Customer Service


In addition to this week’s webinars, Procurement Leaders is hosting a free virtual conference called ‘Innovation In: Positive Growth’ from 8am-11:30pm ET | 1pm-4:30pm GMT Tuesday through Thursday. They will share how to identify the tactics, skills and technology procurement needs to achieve their sustainability goals and drive both financial and ethical impact.

If you are planning your procurement webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “How to Improve Supplier Experience (Hint: Supplier Information is Key)” from HICX and Procurious on March 31st.

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Building an airtight Business Case for Supplier Relationship Management (Kodiak Rating)

March 18th, 9am ET

Before you can make an effective business case for investment in SRM technology, you have to know what the value drivers are and what specific ROI they will return for your company. In this webinar, Sam Jenks, Chief Growth Officer at Kodiak Rating, will share his experience with developing SRM business cases that not only justify investment, but deliver the promised benefits.


5 Outsourcing Pricing Trends in a Post-Pandemic World (Everest Group)

March 18th, 10am ET

Most economic indicators suggest that a solid recovery is underway, and professional services are one of the sectors making a rebound. In this webinar, Everest Group team members Michel Janssen (Chief Research Officer), Abhishek Sharma (Partner), and Ricky Sundrani (Vice President) will share the pricing trends they have already observed and the ones we should all be on the lookout for.


Intelligent Machines and How They Change Customer Service (IRPA AI)

March 18th, 12n ET

We are all getting more comfortable with the addition of AI to our procurement platforms, but we will need to learn about as many applications as use cases as we can before we are in a position to lobby for it. In this webinar, presented by Oded Karev, General Manager of Advanced Process Automation at NICE, and Tom Taulli, Author, Investor, Speaker & Advisor ad columnist, will reveal what makes AI so important to enterprises and the challenges it addresses.




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