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What NOT to Do in a P2P Implementation

This content was made possible by a collaboration with the team at JAGGAER. For as many times as we have run implementation projects, they are still fraught with friction and frustration. Worst of all...

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Recommended Procurement Webinars September 10-14: Taking Action as a Catalyst, in Supplier Relationships, and through a Better User Experience

Although webinars are primarily a ‘sit back and listen’ format, this week’s recommended webinars are all designed to SPUR you into action! There’s only so much talking procurement can do before the conversation turns to measurable results, and there is a lot of work to do if we are going to deliver in line with procurement’s full potential.

If you’re planning a little further out, I recommend “Putting Data at the Center of Digital Procurement” with ISM and Zycus on September 18th at 2pm ET.

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